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There are a number of documents that are often required to be notarized and have notarial true copies of the documents made.  We would be pleased to be of assistance to you in
having these documents properly notarized and would ask that you contact our offices for an appointment.

Some of these documents include:

1.   Statutory Declarations;
2.   Affidavits;
3.   Passport documentation;
4.   Consent letters for children travelling outside of the country with or without a parent or guardian;
5.   Insurance Proof of Loss Forms;
6.   Letter of Invitation for Temporary Visa’s to enter Canada;
7.   Statutory Declarations in lieu of Guarantors for Canadian Passport Applications.

We would ask that you please note that we will require you to endorse the originals of any of the aforementioned documentation in our presence.  At the time of having the documents notarized and at the time of providing you with any notarial true copies of such documents, or having affidavits prepared and sworn, please be advised that we will require that you bring in at least two pieces of personal identification, one of which should bear your photograph (i.e.: valid Ontario Drivers Licence or Passport).  Secondary identification may include your Social Insurance Number card or a credit card which must have been issued by a major bank.  This will simply be for identification purposes.

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