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We would be pleased to help you negotiate or review your commercial lease.  Some of the items that should be considered and that we will review are set out but not limited to the following below:

1.    the Offer to Lease or Agreement to Lease;
2.    overall negotiation of the Lease;
3.    Due Diligence matters (including a search of the landlord, ensuring that the use designated or to be the intended use complies with existing by-laws);
4.    basic elements of the Lease including the term and commencement dates, deposits, etc. and including as follows:

  1. percentage rent
  2. occupancy rent and occupancy costs;
  3. insurance provisions;
  4. rights of renewal and first rights of refusal;
  5. subletting and assignment provisions;
  6. sale of the land by the landlord;
  7. default provisions;
  8. releases and indemnification provisions;
  9. alterations to the building including chattel improvements and who gets to keep same;
  10. repairs to the building;
  11. originating landlord and tenant work;
  12. permitted uses as set out in the Lease;
  13. termination, assignment and general contract provisions.

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