You will be contacted approximately 5 business days prior to closing for an appointment to sign all of the closing documents in our offices. We will attempt to accommodate your schedule as much as possible and evening/weekend appointments are available. When you attend at our offices please be prepared to leave at least one set of keys for the property at our offices for closing and any additional keys can be left on the kitchen counter upon moving out. Due to law society requirements and as per various and numerous articles in major newspapers recently please be prepared to show the receptionist your photo identification upon arrival at our office which will then be photocopied for our file records to prevent any fraud occurring in terms of impersonation, etc. In terms of the identification we would prefer a copy of your drivers licence and additionally your SIN Card or a credit card issued by a major bank. This procedure is to guarantee the protection, not only of our office procedures but also of your real estate transaction in terms of identity theft, fraud, etc.

Purchase/Closing Cheques:

We will usually meet with you to endorse all of the closing documentation including mortgage documents, one or two days prior to closing (the sooner we have documents from the vendors solicitor and from your mortgage company/bank, the sooner we will be able to have you attend for your appointment).  Upon receipt of all of the aforementioned documentation we will contact you for such appointment.  Please note that we have flexible scheduling hours and will attempt to accommodate your schedule as best as we can.  Further we will advise you of the amount of the balance due on closing which you will be required to bring in by way of certified cheque or bank draft made payable to "Michael J. Schmidt, in trust".  As set out above, we would prefer to have such funds at least 24 hours prior to closing so that there are no delays.  When we meet with you we will review your closing documents including all adjustments and expenses.