We would be pleased to meet with you to draft, review and finalize Partnership Agreements and some of the items that should be considered and that we will review are set out but not limited to the following below:

1.    To Finding the Actual Business That the Partnership is in;
2.    Partnership Name;
3.    Any Restrictions to Carrying On or Competing Business of the Partnership;
4.    Provisions Regarding Admissions of Partners;
5.    Tax Consequences Involving the Partnerhip;
6.    Management and Day-to-Day Operations of the Partnership;
7.    Capital Inputs by the Partners and How They are to be Dealt With in Future;
8.    Retiring and Disolving the Partnership; and
9.    How the Profits are to be Divided.

Other Agreements

       Other Agreements that we would be pleased to discuss with you include the following:

i)   Joint Venture Agreements;
ii)  Distribution Agreements;
iii)  Franchise Agreements;
iv)  Loan Agreements; and/or
v)  Security Agreements.